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Steve MacMillan’s Insight On Stopping Infectious Disease Outbreaks

In a recent interview with the Fox News Network, the newly appointed chief executive officer of the sBioMed company, Steve MacMillan lamented the shocking number of deaths that occur every year as a result of infections that are contracted in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Although one typically checks into a medical care facility in hopes of recovering from illness, recent studies may suggest that treatment clinics could prove the cause of countless, unnecessary patient deaths.

Unfortunately, almost 100,000 individuals die every year as a result of healthcare-related infectious diseases. The sad truth is that all of these illnesses could be prevented by simply taking the proper precautions. In an effort to combat the spread of deadly illnesses in the hospital environment, the sBioMed company has developed a powerful new disinfectant product called Steriplex SD. If used by all hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics, this amazing sanitizer can drastically reduce the number of medical care-related deaths in the near future.Stephen MacMillan infectious disease

The miracle of Steriplex SD

Steriplex SD is one of the most groundbreaking sanitizing products ever released to the market. In fact, this innovative sporicidal disinfectant is expected to prevent a large majority of healthcare-associated deaths worldwide.

The secret behind Steriplex SD

As the head of sBioMed SteveMacMillan explained in a recent television interview, the secret to Steriplex SD’s effectiveness is its key ingredient–activated silver, which is a nontoxic and naturally occurring antimicrobial. This product is shown to be much more effective than bleach or other types of harsh chemicals. In addition, Steriplex SD is environmentally friendly.

The unfortunate rise in superbugs

Because of the widespread use of hand sanitizers and other types of disinfectant products, human beings have clearly helped in the creation of treatment-resistant superbugs such as C. diff. Though medical researchers are currently working around the clock to find cures for some of these potentially life-threatening diseases, little progress has been made in the last few years.

Although superbugs still pose a major health risk, a recent study conducted by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology has concluded that killing harmful microorganisms on contact is currently the best solution to this problem. As Steve MacMillan notes, products like Steriplex SD can play a very important role in containing and potentially eradicating outbreaks of modern superbugs. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that all hospitals invest in powerful disinfectant products that have been proven effective in reliable studies.

The implications of the Affordable Care Act

As MacMillan explains, the Affordable Care Act, which is also sometimes referred to as Obamacare, will drastically change the current health care system in the United States. Under this new act, hospitals will no longer remain eligible for reimbursements for the treatment of healthcare-associated illnesses. This means that medical care facilities will now have to foot the bill for staph infections and other types of common conditions.

Steve advises that when these new changes take effect, hospitals will become faced with a terrible dilemma. Recent studies show that hospitals are reimbursed for 28 to 33 billion dollars-worth of healthcare associated illnesses every year. If hospitals are required to pay for these treatments out of pocket, healthcare costs are sure to skyrocket for the average patient. In light of this, it is absolutely essential that all medical care facilities invest in preventative products like Steriplex SD.

MacMillan Discloses the Best Ways of Preventing Illnesses

As the CEO of the sBioMed company, Steve is aware of the many causes of hospital-related infections. Although some of these diseases can prove quite deadly, the good news is that many of them are entirely preventable. With this in mind, all individuals should educate themselves on the common ways that infectious diseases are spread in medical care facilities and the best ways of avoiding them.

The importance of regular hand washing

Unfortunately, he notes that many individuals fail to wash their hands regularly when visiting a doctor’s office or hospital. The truth is that surfaces such as door knobs, table tops, and handrails at medical facilities are virtual breeding grounds for infectious and potentially life-threatening microorganisms. For this reason, it is incredibly important that all individuals engage in regular hand washing after coming into contact with infected patients.

Remaining on the lookout for doctors’ ties

As CEO of sBioMed Steve MacMillan pointed out in a recent interview with Fox News, physicians’ neckties are one of the most common yet unexpected means of exposing patients to dangerous diseases. When male doctor’s bend over to examine patients who are lying down in hospital beds, their neckties will often come in to contact with the skin and breath of infected individuals. After making many rounds during the course of a shift, these germ-infected neckties can spread scores of deadly diseases. In light of this realization, it is very important for all physicians to either clip their neckties into place or avoid wearing them altogether. In addition, patients should always take care to avoid their doctors’ ties during examinations.

Covering one’s mouth when coughing or sneezing

One of the simplest and yet most effective ways of preventing the spread of bacterial or viral infections is to cover one’s mouth during a cough or a sneeze. Doing so can prevent pathogens from traveling through the air and landing on surfaces that other people may touch. Research experts at Stephen MacMillan’s company suggest that all individuals wash their hands after coughing or sneezing in a medical care facility.



MacMillan is the current chief executive officer of sBioMed, LLC. Since October of 2012, he has led this remarkable company to set new industry standards for the prevention of healthcare-associated illnesses. With the release of a revolutionary, new disinfectant product called Steriplex SD, sBioMed, LLC has taken a very important step towards saving the lives of countless patients. Steve MacMillan has a long history of growing sales and improving standards at Fortune 500 companies. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. Mr. MacMillan is also a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.