Above Reproach, or Zealot?

Above Reproach, or Zealot?

Its been quite a week for the Trump transition team. Vice-President elect, Mike Pence assisted in a sweeping move to clean house and remove many undesirable Trump campaign members. Some say this was a targeted move to remove any associated with Gov. Chris Christy due to his disloyalty to Trump. This eradication of lobbyists and non supporters will leave a void of at least 4000 appointments to fill by the Trump team.

During the massive house cleaning another noteworthy event sparked a Twitter war between President elect Donald Trump and and an actor from the play, Hamilton. It was started when audience members booed Mike Pence as he entered the theatre. Although Donald Trump may have gotten his feathers ruffled a bit, Vice President elect, Pence handled the awkward moment like an old pro. He even stopped to listen upon exiting after the production to listen to Brandon Dixon, who portays Aaron Burr, in the play when he addressed Pence directly.

As they say, opposites attract. When Trump was busy with his Twitter war with Brandon Dixon, Pence remained seemingly unscathed. In fact, Pence has the demeanor of a man who certainly knows how to conduct himself in an uncomfortable situation. It would take much more than a few audience members in a Broadway play to rattle his cage. While Trump is the unfiltered, novice, politician, Pence lends a professional, tried and true balance to the relationship. They certainly should complement one another, creating a dynamic duo of opposites attract in living color.

While Trump isn’t known for his super conservatism, Pence is so far right that he makes middle of the road Republicans a bit wary. Mike Pence is no stranger to controversy. We know he didn’t care much for the children’s Disney movie “Mulan” when he aired his opinion on his radio talk show, claiming that the movie was a liberal jab advocating women in the military. Pence has a reputation for being anti-women among liberals, largely due to his views on abortion.

One could call Pence, one time Governor and Senator from Indiana, a fiscal conservative at the very least. Pence has a voting record of being ant-big government and was against G.W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind program, which caused more damamge than good. He has a record of cutting taxes for both corporations and individuals. Another issue that seperates him from the GOP is his stance on Global Warming. He is a self-proclaimed Climate Change Denier. Well, hey the science is still out on that one.

Like most politicians, in spite of what may seem, they are people too. People tend to change their minds. Example; Flip Flop Gate with John Kerry circa 2004. Pence says he never supported the Iraqi war then at a later date says he “soured on the mission.” who didn’t? Every other politician since Caesar has done the same. Except maybe Bernie Sanders but he’s too busy banging that socialist drum over and over and…well, you get the picture.

Up until now, unless you live in Indiana, Pence has somewhat remained in the background of the political arena. He did make the news in 2015 when he signed into law Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Basically, this allowed for small businesses to refuse services to patrons based on their religious beliefs. I thought every business had the right to refuse service but I guess not in Indiana. If I were a gay couple and someone didn’t want to make my wedding cake, I don’t think I would force them to do so…I am too terrified of someone spitting (or worse) in my food. I can’t even complain at the drive through at McDonald’s. The Restoration of Religious Freedom Act was severely amended and was signed by Pence after several disgruntled businesses and and special interest groups raised a ruckus.

We all know by now Mike Pence is certainly Pro-Life. But, who wakes up one day and says, “Hey, I think its a great day to have an abortion!” Pence is honest about his stance and has been true to his convictions regarding abortion. In fact, he is so Pro-Life that in Congress he cosponsored a bill that forced women to have an ultra sound before an abortive procedure. During the debates he called HIlllary Clinton for her support of partial birth abortion. In spite of what the liberal media would have people believe, he did NOT sign a bill requiring women who had eiither miscarried or aborted a child to have a funeral for the tissue and to pay for the funeral themselves. He did however sign into law that miscarried or aborted fetuses must be buried or cremated but the cost does not fall on the woman, it falls on the facility. Specualtion would lead one to assume that the reasoning behind this would be to stop the fetal tissue trade in which some clinics are known for purchasing viable fetuses. This law was overturned in court when challenged by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood of Indiana on June 30, 2016, exactly one day before it was to take effect.

It seems that, although Mike Pence the Vice President elect, may not be above reproach, he certainly is a man of his own convictions. He has his own ideologies and they add a blance to Trump’s outspoken and provocative ways.  While Trump kept the Tweets flowing, Pence listened to his audience of haters. Dixon and Pence had a dialogue and that is more than most politicians, or even civilians, are able to do in this chasm of a society we call America.

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