Thank You, Mrs. Trump

Elizabeth Walker

As I was preparing all my goodies for the family meal yesterday, you know the usual southern things, making to the corn bread, homemade biscuits to make the dressing. You see, us southerners don’t have stuffing we do dressing  much crisper kind served on the side and never touches a turkey behind. I’d written my that morning and was really proud til I scrolled down Fakebook and saw a meme regarding Melania Trump.

I had to do a double take. Then I began reading disgusting comments about her and the Dakota pipeline. Why would  a hate filled pig have the power to falsify this beautiful, intelligent woman’s words, not to mention her dignity by the very act of one meme? It was a picture of the ever stunning Melania Trump apparently being quoted as saying in regard to the pipeline crisis as this, “I don’t know much about this pipeline issue but I do know how many have fought and died and for this country. If all these Indians hate America so much, they should just pack their things and go back to India. ”

Come on! Another example of mainstream media controlled by a certain faction pushing propaganda from the left. First of all, Melania is no strumpet. She is very educated, independently wealthy and and had her own brand of product before Trump.She no gold digger or femme fatale,the likes of Marla Marla Maples. She had her own life, could have andy man which leave me to believe Trump is not just a business man and great father but one hell of a fun guy as well ! I mean, that women is near perfection…
So why do the left wing scream about equal rights for women, gays, LGBT, and other group under the sun, but throw a very nice woman under the bus at the drop of a hat? Sure, I suppose because the President Elect frightens both sides. After All, they are one and the same. Both controlled by who gives the most money, the lobbyist backed oligarchy that that has become our country, or police, militarized nation. I’m all for transparency, and some real honesty, even if it hurts for a while. We owe our children to glorify women like Mrs Trump,a true feminist, who is more concerned with her child than becoming a celebrity. She is supportive of her husband, strong to make a home for her son while her husband takes care of business. That’s a real women. One that girls could be proud to call a role model. She can have her cake and eat it too. Speaking of cake. I wouldn’t mind having a meal and some wine with those two. I bet they are a hoot!

So for this year’s Turkey, I would like to call out the leftist progressives and the Fakebook news providers who think that fake news is a non threat to our country. Because of Donald Trump, we may have a chance to rebuild this cesspool of hateful misogynistic and divided place we call the UNITED States of America. One can only hope. So gobble, gobble, Hillary. Gobble, gobble, Soros, and last but not least a BIG GOBBLE GOBBLE to all you progressives who vow to hold Trump back this year. I think you will be eating crow (or perhaps, Turkey, if you are lucky).
P.S. From our house to yours, Happy Turkey Day

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