Trump Inspires Unity

Trump Inspires Unity

With all the turmoil about our president elect , the dissident faction against Trump are forgetting he is not a career politician, who would otherwise have to sell his vote and quite possibly his soul to the corporations, the military and so forth. Donald J. Trump is actually a beacon of hope for these and other reasons.The fact that he scares the status quo politicians means a great deal to the average citizen. It disturbs corporations and their legalized bribery to an unprecedented level.

Trump and the political team he commands aren’t indoctrinated into the corrupt system like other politicians in office are. This means he will not nor need these pathways to greatly increase his own net worth. Along with his five point plan, his appointment of professional staff, it seems as though Trump is more than on point to fulfill his pledge to make America great. Knowing this is a start of a new age in the political arena. He inspires hope to the people who are wise enough to stop bashing and listen. He has both houses running scared that their net wealth may not grow at the extreme rate that it has been under other presidencies. He, along with a team of seasoned advisors, are true to their convictions. The leftist progressives feel threatened and the greed, that run both the political and corporate systems, may be kept in check.

President elect Trump is not a man to be bought, he is a man of conviction.Perhaps, the first since FDR to undo the deregulations that causes most empires to crumble from within and to protect the people and regulate corporations. The constitution has been tarnished and rewritten with greed and special interests groups in mind. Now if the liberal biased media fed citizens will just give the President elect the respect he deserves, instead of back biting, listening to opinionated lies, social media memes, false news and the leftist agenda.With this being said, WE THE PEOPLE now have hope for a better tomorrow, in that Donald Trump will inspire a currently divided country by stopping all the partisanship and the factions of both parties can come together and start a new age of growth.

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