Trump: Politician of Action

Trump: Politician of Action

Although Donald Trump hasn’t officially taken over the oval office he is already being demonized and slandered through social media, memes and any tools the leftists can use against him. The left uses little too fact, lowering  their already questionable tactics. They blame currently existing problems such as eventual exoneration of illegal immigrants being held for extended periods, hate group activities, and the Alt right movement on him as if these are linked somehow to Trumps policies. It is commonplace for leftist progressives to opportunistically minimize the fact that Trump is already making good on his promise to save and bring jobs back home. One example of his negotiating skills and his good word is the Indiana Carrier plant in which he saved over 1000 jobs 2000 of which were being moved to Mexico. Currently the administration uses tax breaks given to companies as substandard practices via tax breaks for exporting such jobs.The prolonged use of NAFTA devastated many areas in the US and contributed to mass unemployment.

The media conveniently overlooks Trump’s efforts to be unbiased as possible by handing over the reigns of his companies to be divided up amongst his children. Also ignored is the fact that he just sold the stock he owns in the pipeline in dispute in North Dakota therefore distancing himself  from the Native American’s struggle. One must wonder if this move prompted Obama’s decision to call in the Army Core of Engineers and halt the project for now. The leftist mainstream media and smaller outlets, such as Huffington Post, Free Speech TV and others spotlight Trump and his political allies using opinion based journalism. Some “news” reports are nothing more than made up prophesies; an attempt to turn people who may not recognize propaganda from far away from the new administration. All  the president elect is doing so far is make good on real promises that only help America. I personally called Free Speech TV the only response I received after being transferred several times was over-talking and no answer to any of my questions. Professional spin doctors instead of actual facts are the only things required  to convince people something is true if they are willing to believe instead of fact check.

Sadly, this deceptive practice is  commonplace among people affiliated with the left and the right. Bipartisanship is what divides our country, making real positive changes almost impossible. The unfortunate part is that  Trump could have the most effective policies that haven’t been seen since FDR. Trumps’s efforts to  renew  relations with Taiwan whom the US has spent the last forty years ignoring, makes for good foreign policy. Past administrations have justified their relationship with oppressive China, a cruel regime, whom without the US would have no economy nor technology. Trump is also being called out for renewing relations with Russia because the Democrats don’t agree with the way Putin runs his country. If the US stops policing the world, as Trump indicates, and as Obama promised both terms yet failed to deliver, and instead concentrates the military budget on home defense, the budget cuts he makes could make a real difference in restoring the US economy.

Currently, too much money is wasted on foreign wars that get our young people killed. Wars in which the US finances the rebuilding of the country with government paid contracts, military equipment resulting in a resentful regime that will not have US policy in mind. Trump is being criticized for choosing James “Mad Dog” Mattis whose idea is to simply “posture up,” In hopes that we can avoid wars that aren’t in our sphere of interest. It seems as though Trump and his team are some of the few that actually see that working with allies not only save lives but trillions of tax payers money. If mainstream media told the truth, the country could finally UNITE which is future President Trump’s plan.

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