Trumping the Left

Trumping the Left

It has officially been one week since President Elect, Donald J. Trump shocked leftists everywhere by dethroning their Mother Queen, the all powerful Hillary Rodham Clinton.  White girls everywhere are still crying over their pumpkin spice lattes and inventing new, harmless ways to protest what they see is an injustice to anyone with a vagina. The best of which is the safety pin.  Yes.  A plain safety pin.  It is supposed to symbolize tolerance, which seems hypocritical considering they can’t tolerate much of anything except their mutual hatred for Donald Trump.  And maybe all things male.

President Elect Trump winning the election has brought to light who the real goons are.  The extreme leftists are pulling double duty on social media posting memes and calling Trump’s hand picked aides names.  Steve Bannon has been ousted as a white supremacist.  Which is fairly ridiculous, according to Joel B. Pollak. Pollack just happens to be a Jewish man himself. An Orthodox Jew who has worked with Bannon Breitbart for years. Pollack then goes on to call Trump a “defender of Jews,” and speaks of his close relationship with the late Andrew Breitbart, founder of Breitbart News Network.  One website site even goes so far as to encourage users to make a donation in Vice President Elect Pence’s name to Planned Parenthood so Pence will receive the certificate of thanks in the mail. Petty and divisive is what they’ve become.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is not only advocating this behavior, she is stirring the pot.It is what HRC’s campaign was based upon, after all.  The DNC and their back biting was like watching a train wreck there was so much in-fighting and insurrection.

Although corruption in Washington is not new, HRC really outdid herself this time. She and her cohort George Soros took the “nasty” to a whole new  level. Buying protesters on Craigslist?  Classy.  What do you expect from a woman whose whole campaign depended on slandering her opponent?  She dodged every question thrown at her during each debate like Mohammed Ali.  Trump, however, spent a fraction of the money she did and didn’t run the attack ads either.

Between her behavior with the DNC toward Bernie Sanders, her lies about practically everything, and the thousands of emails she deleted, surely Hillary Rodham Clinton is out of the political spectrum for a while if not forever. We can only hope.  This third wave of feminists, known for their self-entitled, whininess, outwardly portraying white guilt, girl interrupted, woe is me, Hillary is a Goddess so lets pretend she’s Joan of Arc, will find a way to continue beating that dead horse.

Of course, long gone are the days when a Democrat was a Democrat and a Republican was a Republican. Today’s Washington is not a bipartisan workplace.  It is all about lobbyists and power.  The Whitehouse is riddled with venomous animosity and in-party struggles.  A vast array of people voted for President Elect Trump. Everyone from the Alt Right to the middle class working woman.  Kevin McDonald is a good example of an educated ALT Right and Lady Gaga, who showed up at NC State along with Jon Bon Jovi the day before the election, can be seen on the opposite side.  Hillary represents a dangerous bunch of extremist progressives as well.  The people have been driven to madness by the past eight years.

They were promised Roses and received only thorns.  There are many issues that have been swept under the rug, such as the failure of Government Healthcare and it’s many, many problems, the ongoing troubles in the middle east, and the economy here at home that will plague President Trump.  Hillary never offered one solution to one single problem, she just continued to dance around those punches.  Ali would have been proud! Yet, Trump is very clear with his Five Point Plan.  That blunt, business like decisiveness is what got him elected. While HRC is cow tailing to the fringe and the marginalized, Trump was listening to what the citizens needed; Jobs, affordable health insurance, lesser taxes, and cheaper college tuition.  Had Clinton listened to the people instead of dodging questions about the emails she deleted perhaps she could’ve learned something from President to be Trump.  He didn’t always say the perfect thing, nor did he always say the palatable thing, but he had a plan.  That’s way more than Clinton had.

So if everyone will stand back and let Trump do his job, cooperate with one another, this country of ours might just drain it’s swamp a bit.  Hopefully, Hillary, Bill, and the rest of the leftist extremists will go down the drain too.

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