Is 2017 the year men lost their civil rights?


As we close out 2017, any claim made by a woman against a man is treated as the compete truth, facts or any pending investigation notwithstanding. Conversely, men are quickly convicted in the court of public opinion, chastised, and cast aside without any regard for due process and with their defense or counter-claims summarily ignored or worse, called demeaning, insulting and abusive to the accuser.

Regardless of how vile one might view the accusations or how repugnant one may believe the accused to be, this precedent of conviction upon accusation, while popular among the cultural elites, ignores our legal framework, the basic tenants of our Constitution, and is a tactic that has been practiced by tyrannical dictators for years – American’s must resist and rise to stop these very dangerous tactics immediately.

Essentially, the motto of 2017 has become Accusation equals Conviction.

Americans must be reminded that accusations are merely just that –accusations; and certainly not convictions. Any allegation, especially those alleging sexual harassment or assault should be fully investigated, with ample protections for all sides of the claims – and due process should matter equally to all sides and must be observed.

Most assuredly, many cases exist where men have behaved badly toward women in the workplace. These disgusting deeds must be investigated anytime they are reported. Attention to these challenges is long overdue.

Women should have every equal opportunity to succeed and nobody should be subjected to any kind of sexual harassment. However, the mob mentality rush to judgment before facts are even heard when an accusation is made should terrify even the most ardent feminist, for mob rule can turn quickly when facts and truth are discarded for simplicity and haste.

Take for example the case of Florida Senator Jack Latvala. A female state senate staffer has accused Latvala of groping her and making inappropriate comments. Latvala has steadfastly and vociferously denied the allegations. This is a classic “he said, she said” case. The Florida Senate has appointed a well-respected former judge to investigate the claims.

Stunningly, in a body of seasoned lawmakers, the upper-chamber of the Florida Senate, before any report has been issued or a single fact vetted by the judge made public, other elected officials including fellow Senators have called for Latvala’s resignation. If these accusations are found to be accurate and true, Latvala should be forced from the Senate. If the low bar of probable cause is not found, those who called for Latvala’s resignation should face censure all their own and themselves consider resignation, for these are lawmakers who should know better than to jump to convenient conclusions and their judgment should forever be questioned.

For those who disagree with our premise, we pose this unpopular question: Where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in this process? Where are and what about the rights of the accused?

This is the United States of America where any accused has the right to defend themselves. Yet today, mob mentality rules the day, even by men and women who write Florida’s laws and know better – those in the upper chamber, Senators. Every citizen of Florida should fear an elected official who is so ignorant of due process. Especially those in leadership.