Aaron Kelly Law Firm Resorts To Attacking Former Client Again On KellyWarnerLaw.com – Pattern Recognized


The irony here is that Dan Warner was accused of publishing a defamatory post on KellyWarnerLaw.com on his former client Rodrick years ago and used what seems to be another fake person as a scapegoat.  Now that Warner is under investigation by the ABA for this, he makes himself look guilty of the initial defamatory posting by once again posting a negative article on his website about Rodrick…a very uncommon practice by a licensed attorney.

It is a striking pattern that Warner once again launched an attack on his law website against Rodrick, clearly painting himself as a person that takes retaliatory actions of writing posts on his law website against Rodrick.

The ABA and authorities could not comment on this due to an ongoing investigation into Attorney Warner and Attorney Kelly’s conduct.   More updates to come soon, stay tuned.

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