ALPHV hackers use BlackCat malware ransomware in attack on Amazon Ring 


While it is unclear exactly what data the group claims to have, its threat is causing concern among Ring’s customers.

Ring’s Recent Privacy and Security Issues

Ring has had several privacy and security issues recently.

Last September, Amazon Ring enabled end-to-end encryption of the audio and video data it uploads to the company’s cloud services. However, Ring has admitted to providing private recordings from Ring devices to law enforcement without the knowledge or consent of its users.

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 The company did this 11 times in 2022. In addition, Ring quietly rolled out a major security update for its Android app in May of last year without informing its users of the issue. 

According to security researchers at Checkmarx, Amazon patched up a major vulnerability affecting its Android app which had the potential to expose users’ names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and recordings.

What Does This Mean for Ring’s Customers?

While Amazon Ring denies any breach of its systems, the ALPHV ransomware group’s threat to leak Ring’s data has raised concerns about the security and privacy of Ring’s customers.