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Anonymous Tips

We at the USA Herald believe that the American Media has the immense responsibility of informing the American people and holding those in power accountable. At the rate that technology is advancing, and in light of recent WikiLeaks regarding CIA surveillance, it has become increasingly more difficult for news outlets to protect the identities of their sources.

In the spirit of this, we have put in place a system that will allow our readers and sources to submit tips anonymously and securely. This system may change to adapt to new technology or become more secure, so bear with us and know that we are always seeking to protect our readers and sources.

To send an anonymous tip, you can use two different services:

1.Proton Mail

An open-source email platform, developed and housed in Switzerland, Proton Mail is the pinnacle of secure email. Providing end-to-end encryption, the contents of your email are completely secure and not even the creators of Proton have access to it. In order to ensure that your email is secure and encrypted, you need to have a free Proton Mail account. To contact us on Proton Mail, you can email us at:
[email protected]


Confide messenger uses military-grade, end-to-end encryption, and once your message is read, it is deleted from their servers forever. You can sign up for Confide using your Proton Mail email address.

You can find us on Confide under:
[email protected]

Best Practices

To really ensure your safety and anonymity, there are some best practices that you should use to stay safe on the net. We suggest that you only access your secure email account through a VPN or a TOR connection. Do not use your name in the email, remove personal metadata from any files you send, and don’t give your passwords to anybody.

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are many precautions that you can take to protect yourself online. USA Herald will never reveal the identity of any of our anonymous sources and will do everything in our power to protect their identities; however, you are ultimately responsible for securing your online identity.