Arizona Attorney Daniel Warner Under Investigation for Alleged Legal Fraud


This is a highly improbable scenerio that someone named “Krisa Ivanski” from Turkey wrote all 39 of the different complaints across many unique websites over a 5+ year period…rather the links appear to have clearly been written by different people over that 5+ year time frame that were all harmed by Chinnock from a multitude of different experiences, some of which resulted in real litigation.

In addition to the fact that the alleged defendant is from Turkey, left no address of record, and appeared pro se. Ivanski was also willing to admit to the liability just shortly after the lawsuit was served.

Kristin Ivanski appears to be a non-existent person that was contrived for the sole purpose of removing the negative information online about Joseph Chinnock.

Just as alarming, it appears as if the notary for Attorney Warner’s lawsuit is fake as well. There is no “Samantha Pierce” registered as a notary public in the State of Colorado and the Notary ID used is 20121234567. No such seal or notary exists in Colorado.