Bernie Sanders on Democratic Blue Wave: “I ‘Don’t Believe’ It.”


Whether or not the midterms experience a “red wave” or “blue wave” remains to be seen. However, both sides maintain that the results of the midterms will have strong political impacts. President Trump and other Republicans frequently state that Democrats only want power. Right-leaning Americans also have concerns that America will deteriorate if Democrats manage to gain control of the House or Senate. Democrats, on the other hand, believe that a blue wave will give them the power to contest and resist President Trump.

Both major political parties have faced advice on how to win the midterms. Commentators and analysts have urged Republicans and Democrats to reach out to nontraditional voters and steer clear of controversial issues.

However, advice for the GOP is not exactly consistent. Some individuals have speculated that Republicans ought to focus on economic wins since President Trump’s time in office. Others conversely believe that Americans are not as focused on the economy as the GOP.

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