Biden Hurting Democrats in Critical Swing Districts


Biden’s unpopular and unlikeable policies are a drain on Democrats in swing districts. These swing districts exist within states like Florida, Michigan, Washington, California, Virginia, and Iowa.

Polling of American voters in these swing districts also confirms that Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package is not well-liked; the same moreover applies to the president’s moves on foreign policy and the economy, as per the Remington Research Group.

Swing district voters do not favor the current leadership. This doesn’t bode well for Democrats, seeing as the Democrat Party is an extension of Biden’s leadership.

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The make or break midterms

As the midterm elections get closer, many Republicans are warning that these races are make or break. Whether or not Congress remains under leftist control will impact the direction of America. The races will determine whether Biden is able to force through the leftist radicalism of his agenda before 2024.

The possibility of massive GOP wins next year is not a stretch. However, it will demand the proper messaging and campaigning for Republicans, both of which are already underway. The GOP has released several ads thus far, hitting Democrats on key issues that voters care about.