BOMBSHELL: Data leak reveals 2 million Chinese spies embedded in critical Western industries and governments


Matt Warren, professor of cybersecurity at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, has said that the leak is far from surprising but nonetheless has massive implications:

“What is of interest is that members of the CCP are working for defense and IT-related companies globally. One can only guess the projects they were working on and the information that has been sent back to China. This is a major security risk,” Warren said to the Epoch Times.

Joseph Siracusa, adjunct professor at Curtin University and an expert on communist regimes, argues that the most shocking fact about this discovery is that “This is a list that can be manipulated by the Party back home, to call in favors, and to fulfill obligations. That is what is shocking about this discovery.”

Thus, CCP members who hold the highest positions in Western governments and corporations could be forced to turn against said companies by Beijing.

The incoming Biden administration could certainly play a role in how Western countries deal with this problem. One thing is for certain, Chinese spies are here to stay and have zero intentions of backing down from their ultimate mission-bringing Western democracy under the heel of the CCP totalitarianism under the guise of free markets.