BREAKING: Ossoff declared victor in Georgia Senate runoff, giving Democrats full majority in U.S. Senate


Democrat Raphael Warnock’s race against incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler has already been declared as a victory for the Democrats, leaving the fate of a Senate majority up to the Ossoff race.

On Monday, President Trump held a rally in Dalton, GA where he described Ossoff as an “unhinged radical leftist.” Even after painting Ossoff and Warnock as radicals who flirt with Communism, over 2,213,099 votes have been casted for Ossoff.

Conversely, Purdue has received 2,195,532 votes, an equivalent of 49.80%. This indicates that GOP turnout in Georgia was high, but wasn’t enough to clinch a victory over his opponent.

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An Ossoff victory will take Republicans to an impasse. They will either double down on claims of election fraud or accept the results and return to the drawing board.

Regardless of their chosen path, it looks as if a Democratic majority across all three branches of government is highly likely. While supporters of President Trump may find today’s Congressional debate over election certification laudable, it will have very little impact in the end.