California Sting Operation Leads to Human Trafficking Arrests


Of course, anyone responding to these ads and then going to the meet-up location in person is committing a crime.

This sting operation is known as Operation Century Week; furthermore, Rob Bonta, the attorney general of California, is working to keep the general public in the loop concerning the state’s fight against human trafficking.

According to Bonta, “multi-pronged” collaborations and efforts remain necessary to take on human trafficking; this also plays a vital role in holding buyers of sex and human traffickers accountable.

In San Diego County alone, sex trafficking brings in over $810 million on an annual basis. This is according to Summer Stephan, the district attorney of the county. Additional officials of the community also warn of the negative impacts that human trafficking has on the lives of vulnerable people.

More sting operations

Given the rampant, pervasive nature of human trafficking, the need exists for far more sting operations. This entails not just San Diego or the greater area of California, but also nationwide.