Cancelled Deep Purple Shows Lead to Suit Against Insurers Over Coverage


The show that was scheduled on Nov. 21st had a reimbursement limit of more than $500,000, and the Nov. 24th show had an indemnity limit of nearly $800,000.

Big Draw says it submitted its claim to Beazley on Nov. 24, 2018, and that Premier Insurance Services conducted the investigation and acted as the adjustor for the claim.

According to the complaint, Beazley and their proxy, Premier Insurance failed to interview anyone with relevant information. Big Draw says they didn’t even bother talking to people who “had the most knowledge of the circumstances of the cancellations.”

Big Draw further argues that Beazley unreasonably delayed its coverage determination, noting that it did not receive a coverage denial letter from Beazley until November 2020.

Big Draw Entertainment LLC is represented by attorneys, Kerry Brian Flowers and Michele Daitz of Flowers & O’Brien LLC.

It is not yet known who is representing Beazley Insurance Services Inc., or Everest Insurance Co., but as always, the USA Herald will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this case.