ALERT! Chris Silver Smith & “Chris Dinota” of Solvera Group – Potential Connection


DISCLAIMER:   It’s a possibility that Chris Silver Smith/Chris Dinota have no connection at all.   More information on this article to come which may indicate that Chris Smith and Chris Dinota are the same person.  

Also, sources have confirmed that Chris Silver Smith is in contact with Attorney Daniel Warner, whom is facing a probable cause of misconduct finding by the Arizona Supreme Court due to his alleged dealings in the reputation management industry.


A media relations spokesperson for the Texas AG “cannot confirm or deny Chris Silver Smith and Chris Dinota are the same person at this time.”


Silver has yet to respond to our questions from 5 days ago regarding whether he knows any of the attorneys in Texas that Solvera used to file allegedly fraudulent de-indexing requests.


“Silver” denies having any affiliation with Solvera, and when asked about his relationship with Daniel Warner, claims that “you won’t find a financial connection.”   When pressed further about his relationship with Attorney Daniel Warner, Silver hung up the phone.

We’d love to hear from “Silver” or from you on this developing story:

The USA Herald is looking into a possible connection between Chris “Silver” Smith from Harris County, Texas, whom is a highly published yet seemingly reclusive reputation management provider & Chris Dinota of Solvera Group…whom is a non-existant individual that used a number of Harris County Texas attorneys to perptetuate fraud on the courts.

Sources have confirmed that Chris Silver Smith and Daniel Warner of the Kelly Warner Law Firm are connected and have been in contact with each other in recent history.  Dan Warner, according to the article published by Eugene Volokh of The Washington Post, is facing multiple accusations of fake de-indexing requests sent to Google and will be served with an Official Complaint from the Arizona Bar later this month for his alleged fraudulent activities in reputation management.

Chris Silver Smith primarily works in reputation management.

Chris Silver Smith purports that he works primarily with affluent individuals/companies for reputation management, just like Solvera Group used to.

Chris Silver Smith office is in Harris County, Texas.

Chris Silver Smith, from Harris County, for some reason has not reported on “Chris Dinota” of Solvera whom hired local Harris County, Texas attorneys to allegedly commit fraud on the courts.

Excerpt Below From Texas AG Filing Against “Chris Dinota” – Whom Can’t Be Found To Get Served

Chris Silver Smith has heavily covered RipOffReport, De-Indexing, and is clearly an expert author/professional witness in the space.

Yet searches on Google as of 11/21/17, as a local Harris County, Texas boy that is heavily immersed in publishing around reputation management, Silver has not published anything about the Solvera Group.   Odd….

Chris Silver Smith seems to be a highly reclusive individual.     Take a look at the addresses from his company contact page:

More articles to come on this subject.