Cops Fired Over Treatment of Man Paralyzed: Reckless Actions and Lack of Compassion Draw Outrage


Five officers, including Lavandier and Rivera, faced criminal charges for their alleged mistreatment and neglect of Cox, who had been initially arrested on gun-related allegations that were later dismissed. The criminal cases are currently pending.

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Outrage and Controversy

The case has ignited widespread outrage, with civil rights advocates, including the NAACP, expressing their concerns.

Comparisons have been drawn to the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, as both incidents involved the mistreatment of Black individuals in police custody.

Cox’s race, along with the majority of the arrested officers being Black or Hispanic, further fueled the controversy.

Cops fired : Calls for Accountability and Reforms

Police Chief Karl Jacobson recommended the termination of Lavandier, Rivera, and two other officers involved in the incident. However, their lawyers argued against their firing, asserting that they were scapegoats for the department’s inadequate training and policies.

The retirement of Ronald Pressley, another officer charged in the case, exempted him from internal discipline.

Lessons Learned and Policy Changes

In response to the tragic incident, the New Haven Police Department announced significant reforms.