Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Plan Struggles with New Complications


Later in his interview, McConnell stated that the government is observing the implementation of the latest COVID-19 relief bill.

A Wounded Economy

At this time, America’s economy is suffering from extensive body blows; thus far, there’s no sign of any nearby end in sight. Countless employers have no choice but to furlough workers and close the doors to their businesses as shelter-in-place orders come. This inherently leaves many employees out of work; those hit hardest by compulsory lockdowns are working-class Americans and folks living paycheck to paycheck.

Numerous Americans have real concerns about how long the economy can realistically stay closed. Increased instances of depression, social unrest, suicide, and even crime become likelier and likelier if enough people get desperate. News about “glitches” with the COVID-19 relief bill come as states like Virginia talk about mandatory shutdowns lasting through June.

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This evening, President Trump and the coronavirus task force hosted yet another White House press briefing regarding COVID-19.