Could America be Heading Into a Recession?


According to a research essay from David Blanchflower and Alex Bryson, the foreshadowing of an incoming U.S. recession is quite clear. It’s clear due to the fact that consumer confidence has maintained a steady decline for the past half year.

According to Blanchflower and Bryson, declines of this nature have indicated impending economic recessions for decades. This comes on top of the litany of other economic problems, such as inflation, the debt ceiling, staffing shortages, and more.

Biden’s dangerous denial

Right now, the president is in denial about what’s happening in the United States. Every day, the White House feigns as if the nation is on the right track economically.

Biden’s denial is an issue because his actions have the United States on the verge of a recession. This denial furthermore blocks the president from changing his course of action that has brought America to this place. Therefore, turning the curve will be very challenging.

The fact that the country faces a recession less than nine months into Biden’s presidential term and Democrats controlling Congress speaks very clearly. It’s time for a change in leadership; the leadership we currently have is failing and ruining the nation.