Presbyterian Church Provides Relief in Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis


These goods are paid for by donations. They are taken immediately to either the hardest hit neighborhoods OR various community leaders, social workers, religious leaders, or community organizers, empowering these groups to mobilize volunteers with resources to serve the neighborhoods they know best. This means the right supplies go to the right people, right now.

A third and final destination for these supplies is a pre-arranged destination point where key helpers, volunteers, and social workers can themselves get aid. Volunteers have families and need to eat as well, and Clark found that many of the relief workers are (very understandably) struggling to sustain their own families and loved ones and few were willing to ask for help themselves while they gave supplies to others.

Pastor Bruce Clark hands out supplies to friends and neighbors

Heroes Emerge

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To fully appreciate Trinity Puerto Rico and its remarkable story following Hurricane Maria, one must first meet its Pastor. Perhaps one of the least likely, yet remarkably and perfectly trained men on the island for this task whom, along with his family, friends and his church have brought a remarkable amount of relief and support to their neighbors.