Democrats Not Confident in Possible Harris 2024 Presidential Run


Privately, top staffers in the White House are rumored to believe that Harris would lose a 2024 presidential election; however, in the public eye, the White House is throwing its full support behind Vice President Harris.

Who could Biden (or Harris) face in the 2024 presidential election?

Many names of possible GOP 2024 nominees have come up; however, at the top of the list is Ron DeSantis, the current Republican governor of Florida. DeSantis has managed to earn rockstar status within the GOP; this is a byproduct of his leadership and his refusal to bow to tyranny.

A race involving Joe Biden vs. Ron DeSantis or Kamala Harris vs. Ron DeSantis is very possible. While the Florida governor has not stated that he will run for president in 2024, he also hasn’t ruled out the possibility.

Many conservatives would love nothing more than to see DeSantis ascend from governor of Florida to president of the United States.