Disgraced Family Vlogger Pleads Guilty to 4 Counts of Aggravated Child Abuse 


LaMar Winward, Franke’s attorney said his client was influenced by Hildebrandt. He added that Hildebrandt “systematically isolated” Franke from her extended family, her older children, and her husband.

Amid the legal drama, Franke’s husband, Kevin Franke, filed for divorce in November. This came months after Jodi Hildebrandt ordered him to leave the couple’s home. And she reportedly moved in.

Franke joined Hildebrandt’s podcast “ConneXions.” It was aimed at providing parenting advice with Mormon therapist, Hildebrandt.

As part of her plea, Franke agreed to testify against her former business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt.

Family is Torn Apart 

The Franke family’s YouTube channel, “8Passengers,” where Kevin had collaborated with Ruby, gained notoriety for sharing controversial parenting advice through their religious Connexions podcast.

Reports suggest a significant change in the Franke family’s demeanor over the past year, with neighbors witnessing a sudden withdrawal of her two youngest children from public view. One neighbor noted that Ruby Franke had begun isolating her children.