Why Employees Need the Same Level of Accountability as Their Employers


Traditionally, businesses have been expected to be both responsible and accountable rather than their employees. However, there is an inconvenient truth that a disgruntled staff member could easily destroy the image of an entire organization.

If an employee provides a poor service to a customer, is it right that the business is accountable and pays the price rather than the staff member? By current standards, one bad apple could easily bounce from job to job leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Has the time to remove internet cloak of anonymity that so many hide behind?

The proliferation of social media sites now allows any negative review, comment, or blog post to be shared around the world in an instant. In many cases, this reputational damage can bring an entire brand to its knees. Then there are those that invest time into trolling or writing malicious posts and reviews in the spare time.

You could be forgiven for thinking that a lack of honesty and constructive criticism on professional networks has stunted our personal growth. But, all that could be about to change with the introduction of a new online platform that lets you rate and review everyone that you encounter.

Completed App combines the best of Yelp and LinkedIn to provide genuinely valuable peer reviews. There is little doubt that managing a reputation or personal brand should involve more than reciprocal motivated endorsements, but can Completed pave the way to a meritocratic society?

The professional peer to peer performance platform is aiming to bring continuous improvement back into the professional workforce via the medium of honest feedback. Maybe the doors of opportunity can be opened for those that go above and beyond while providing poor performers with the constructive feedback they need to identify key areas for improvement.

Criticism, even of the constructive variety is incredibly difficult for most people not to take personally. Any form of negative review or opinion that is fired in your direction will often feel like a personal attack against your character.

Equally living inside an echo chamber consisting of carefully orchestrated recommendations and skill endorsements will only prevent your personal growth. Completed is bravely attempting to find the right balance when focusing on individual performance.

The days of a job for life are nothing but a distant memory. In a digital age where we are all connected, maybe Completed can provide an incentive to do good work and as a result, collect portable recognition that will follow them throughout their career.

The essence of any personal branding should be about living your life both in and out of the office by your ideals, standards, and ethics. For companies, this refreshing approach offers more granular insights into individual performance and their processes, training, culture, etc. It also provides real insights into their employees and job candidates.

“Our experiences with most companies are influenced by the individuals that we interact with rather than the company, its brand, processes or offerings,” – Michael Zammuto, CEO of Completed.

Historically, employers have also gone out of the way to avoid providing constructive feedback on former employees too. The risk of liability that stems from the subjective and selective nature of feedback coming from just one source, such as a direct supervisor is often the biggest culprit.

Zammuto advised that a bad restaurant review may originate from a chef or server. But, if a restaurant gets a new chef and server, the reviews currently don’t change for a very long time. Instead of creating incentives to hire correctly in the first place this reduces the benefits of making a change for the better.

Constructive criticism of employee performance should, in theory, be extremely valuable. For example, accountability can be influential for career development and hiring. However, on the flipside anyone that has seen the TV Show, Black Mirror will be understandably cautious about reviewing everyone that they encounter.

However, the current method of professional reviews and endorsements is clearly no longer fit for purpose. Completed.com is offering a different way of doing things. In the brave new digital world, it will be those that take responsibility and accountability for their actions that will thrive.

We could soon be entering an age where we are rated on our attitude, actions, skills by the online community. But, is that really such a bad thing?

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Sean Michael: As soon as everyone gets paid the same and has exactly the same benefits!
Posted ON : 07/04/2017
Michael Zammuto: Thanks for the coverage Neil. Transparency and accountability benefit everyone
Posted ON : 07/05/2017
Paul Mackinney: Anti-worker hit piece. Employers can avoid "bad apples" by investing in training and maintaining a decent work environment.
Posted ON : 07/05/2017