Europol Warns Human Traffickers Using Internet, Social Media to Find New Victims


Amid various studies and operations, the agency has determined that human traffickers’ use of the internet empowers them to do what they’re doing. In human trafficking cases that involve sexual exploitation and labor abuse, Europol disclosed the use of social media and other online sites as common recruitment tools.

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When attempting to lure in new victims, criminals often promise their targets better lifestyles, opportunities to achieve legal immigration status in foreign countries, and high-paying job offers.

It goes without saying that none of these promises have any legitimacy. Instead, they exist as bait to reel in vulnerable people looking for ways out of bad situations.

Human traffickers know exactly what they’re doing and see the people they target as the means to an end of profit.

Stay vigilant

Certain human traffickers can spend weeks, months, or even years grooming someone before moving in to strike. People should therefore be wary of promises that seem too good to be true.

Throughout the world, law enforcement agencies should also continue dedicating time and other resources to studying, combatting, and warning people about human trafficking.