Florida Cities Face Medical Marijuana Dilemma


Many argue that it would be better for these local governments to simply allow dispensaries to have the same rights as CVS or Walgreens and pop-up shop anywhere in the community. Dunedin Mayor Julie Ward Buialski, who supports having a dispensary in Dunedin for her constituents who need the treatment, says that “baby steps” are needed.

Simply allowing marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in the middle of Main Street in a small Christian town would do serious damage to that city’s economy. Tourism to these small towns relies on their pure, simplistic and conservative appeal. Placing a joint shop next to their main city church may send the wrong message for tourists these towns desperately need to remain economically solvent.

The Dunedin Mayor lays the blame at the feet of the Florida Legislature, the majority of which is hardline conservative and anti-pot, which would rather attempt a one-size-fits all approach versus letting local and municipal governments have control over the situation.