Florida Judge Will Hear Marijuana Smoking Case


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According to the Pew Research Center, 56% of baby boomers (a group frequently cited as being exemplary members of the conservative base) favor marijuana legalization over the just 40% who prefer its illegality.

Opponents of the measure also argue that this interpretation is contrary to the spirit of the amendment, which very clearly was intended to allow broad legality for medical marijuana. Conservatives, typically of a mind to adhere purely to the words of the constitution, took a different approach this time around to try and scuttle past the issue.

Nevertheless, strong proponents of legal weed in Florida like Orlando attorney John Morgan continue to push for their preferred outcome. They are being met by state attorneys, who are arguing that the state legislature looked at all of the smoking-related health dangers before deciding to approve their ban. In other words, lawmakers had a bona fide concern and acted on that concern, which they are within their rights to do when passing any law – even constitutional amendments.