Florida’s Formidable Speaker of the House


There are challenges for Corcoran and his principles on his position on medical marijuana as well. While Florida overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical marijuana for qualifying patients with a 71% mandate, Corcoran and the House have not yet moved to amend a law the that precisely and explicitly picks winners and losers by allowing only seven nurseries to supply medical marijuana for a state of 20 million people, in lieu of simply regulating a new industry and letting the market determine who provides this legal product.

The fact that all of these nurseries are politically well-connected – some with family members elected to the House, high-paid lobbyists and an association doing their bidding – only adds fuel to the fire of those claiming hypocrisy and cronyism in this state-created oligopoly. Corcoran, who was opposed to medical marijuana on the ballot has been fairly silent on the topic stating, “All I’d say on that is that we’re going to honor the will of the voters, we’re going to protect the Constitution, and we’re going to protect the people’s state of Florida.” He will now have his chance to align his principles with reality on this topic. Corcoran is surely not to be blamed for the current state of medical marijuana; both the Senate and Governor’s office are complicit in the status quo. Corcoran, however, seems the most philosophically opposed to the general condition of the status quo, given his determination and commitment to principle.