Freelancing Marketplace Giant Upwork IPO is Today


The freelancer has the freedom to work as much or as little as they like. They can be self-employed and treat the online marketplace as a full-time career or they can pick up some assignments here are there for extra income.

Likewise, Employers reduce their need for paying large offices and fringe benefits. Depending on the work, they don’t even need to pay minimum wage. They can recruit anywhere in the world and pay what their applicants negotiate.

Buying and Trading Upwork Stock

Upwork expects the opening price for its shares to be $15, up from its original $10-12 range. Already, Dragoneer Investment Group, LLC has expressed an interest in buying $27 million worth of shares. Upwork will trade under the symbol UPWK. It does not expect to pay dividends to shareholders.

Disclaimer:   we intend to watch this stock closely today and many of us here plan to make an investment in it as we rely on Upwork on a daily basis for our business.   Initially the spike to $15 in the IPO caused me pause and I have chosen to not invest as much as I initially planned to at the $10-12 range.