Google Pays Homage to Midwife Justine Siegemund


After becoming Berlin’s Court Midwife in 1683, Siegemund went on to help German royal families deliver babies as well. Around this time, she also published her own book, The Court Midwife.

This piece specifically dives into the particulars of childbirth, real-life accounts of those who received services from Siegemund, and more. Originally written in German, The Court Midwife has since been translated into English and remains available for purchase online.

In addition to featuring Siegemund, Google furthermore acknowledges the role her work played in the medical field, especially in making childbirth safer for women.

What inspired Siegemund’s work?

Before her days as a midwife, Siegemund suffered her own negative experiences in the medical field. When she was only 20, medical professionals mistook her prolapsed uterus for a pregnancy.

It seems this motivated Siegemund to become a midwife herself, to help ensure women from all backgrounds managed to receive the necessary care. There’s no doubt that Siegemund’s work from centuries ago still leaves an echo today, especially regarding medical care for pregnant women.