Gov. Wolf will continue to fight for people with pre-existing conditions


In a separate statement on Wednesday, Wolf noted that the federal government’s newly-released proposed guidelines are “another attempt to roll back vital consumer protections pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps, and essential health benefits.”

His administration believes that the proposed guidelines, if adopted, would support the increase of health insurance plans that lack critical coverage or comprehensive benefits.  It will not request for a waiver to allow health insurers put the stability of the insurance market at risk.

Pennsylvania’s “uninsured rate is at all-time low”

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman also stated, “The Wolf Administration has taken numerous steps to ensure that Pennsylvanians have access to comprehensive coverage under the ACA and consumer protection and education remains our top priority.”

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In addition, Altman said Pennsylvania’s” uninsured rate is at an all-time low.” Health insurers under ACA are “offering competitively priced plans and more coverage options for the 2019 open enrollment.”