Grocery Stores Hit Hard by Supply Chain Crisis


The former encourages people not to work; the latter pushes Americans out of the workforce. As the supply chain crisis inflames these issues, grocery stores cannot remain stocked.

Right now, grocery stores (and Americans who shop at these establishments) are looking at shortages in pet food, fruit snacks, bacon, frozen foods, and more. Some grocery stores are now increasing wages to try to attract more workers; however, between inflation, staff shortages, and goods shortages, consumers are facing higher prices across the board.

No solutions from the White House

Sadly, as yet another crisis strikes the United States, there’s no solution coming from the White House. President Biden declared days ago in a speech that having truckers drive on the roads during odd hours with less traffic might fix things.

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Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is largely missing in action. However, in a recent interview, Buttigieg revealed years could pass before supply chain issues are fully fixed. The Transportation Secretary also suggested that certain ports in California are less backed up than they have been before.