Growing Support Emerges For DeSantis to Announce 2024 Presidential Run


Now, another pro-DeSantis PAC is here. This time, it’s NH Draft DeSantis. Like its other variants, NH Draft DeSantis wants to ensure the Florida governor runs for office and has every advantage in his arsenal if he does.

Both NH Draft DeSantis and Ron to the Rescue also had tables set up at a yearly function hosted by the New Hampshire Republican Party. New Hampshire plays a vital role in presidential primary elections, hence the focus on boosting DeSantis in this particular state.

Ron to the Rescue is expected to campaign for a DeSantis 2024 run in not just New Hampshire, but also Nevada and Iowa.

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Trump camp getting nervous?

Last year, former President Trump began taking unprovoked shots at DeSantis. This happened much to the annoyance of many conservatives, some of whom see DeSantis as a great replacement for Trump.

This year, the former president continued. He’s strangely accused DeSantis of “disloyalty” and claimed credit for the Florida governor winning his first term in 2018.

Trump hasn’t mentioned DeSantis’ blowout reelection victory that came last year, despite lacking the much-touted Trump endorsement.