Here’s Why Shutting Down Keystone Pipeline Will Backfire on Democrats


On Biden’s first day as president, he signed an executive action that removed the permit for Keystone XL pipeline’s development. Because of this, thousands of blue-collar workers, union workers, jobs, and businesses are suffering.

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Republicans are going to remind voters of these losses during next year’s midterm elections. This will mean holding congressional Democrats to task on how their policies harm energy independence and jobs.

Certain House Democrats are already being targeted for this; moreover, since the GOP is merely a few seats away from taking back the House, Biden’s pipeline shutdown could be just the thing that costs Democrats the House.

According to the NRCC chairman, Americans in New Mexico, Arkansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, etc., are really feeling the brunt of the pipeline’s demise.

Checks-and-balances in the federal government

If the GOP successfully rewins the House or the Senate in 2022, the federal government will have checks-and-balances again. Right now, Democrats are openly and arrogantly declaring that they’re above working with Republicans. This attitude will quickly change if Democrats fail to hold onto the House and/or the Senate.