How to Avoid Checking a Bag at the Airport


Another critical rule of thumb is making sure your checked luggage isn’t too large. Generally, this means you want it to remain within the bounds of 14 x 9 x 22 in; however, so long as the bag can fit within an airplane’s overhead bins, you should be alright even with a slightly bigger carry-on.

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Be warned that if your bag can’t get in the overhead bin, the airline you’re traveling with will require you to check it and pay the subsequent fee.

To make the most of the space in carry-on luggage, be sure to roll clothes, place toliertires in plastic bags, and pack your heaviest materials first.

You’ll save time and money

Checked baggage fees quickly add up. So does the time you spend in baggage claim, waiting for your item(s) to roll out on the conveyor belt. With the tips listed above, your travel experience will be not just cheaper, but also less time-consuming.