ICE Leader Responds to Left Wing Protesters


Yesterday, Homan shared his thoughts about the backlash against ICE in the following statements during a Fox News interview:

They need to educate themselves. I mean, this protest yesterday, to protest about family separations on the border – ICE doesn’t separate families on the border. That’s the Border Patrol. We’re a different agency. So they need to get their facts straight and inform themselves what’s actually happening. I’m not throwing Border Patrol under the bus. I think they’re doing what they need to do.

Calls for the Abolishment of ICE

Incensed protests and leaks of private information seem to be only the beginning of the rage against ICE officials. Democratic leaders have doubled down, branding the agency as a “deportation force” and calling for its permanent termination.

However, not everyone wishes to see Immigration and Customs Enforcement come to an end. Many conservatives have pushed back against their liberal counterparts who want to see the fall of ICE. Moreover, right-leaning Americans maintain the agency is needed to enforce legal immigration.