IKEA’s Environmental Efforts


According to research published in October last year, 250 of the biggest companies in the world are responsible for a third of the greenhouse gas emissions that mankind makes. Unfortunately, only a few of these companies are trying to limit rising temperatures.

IKEA has a plan to first target the shops that are run by IKEA Group. They will then turn their attention to some shops that other franchisees run. Finally, they will offer incentives for change up their supply chain.


Across 49 markets, there are 418 IKEA stores in total. Combined retail sales for IKEA in 2017 were $45.3 billion.

Ikea has strict plans to decrease their impact on the climate that their stores make by 80% by 2030.

Wasted Effort?

Many wonder if the company is going too far based on inconclusive evidence. Whereas everyone can agree that using recycled material is worth it, the reality of global warming is still debatable. If reducing global warming is IKEA’s primary goal, they might be putting a lot of effort into correcting a problem that isn’t there.