IPPR Thinktank: AI Could End Millions of Jobs for Brits


IPPR also warns that as more companies rely upon generative AI to streamline certain day-to-day operations, this could obliterate demand for human careers involving software code, data command, and text management.

As further AI advancements come to pass, the thinktank likewise believes more people relying on the aforementioned jobs will face greater instability.

So far, the industries and fields that IPPR sees as most endangered by AI are as follows:

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Customer services
  • Database creation/management
  • Administration services
  • Secretarial work

With time, IPPR predicts that even higher-paid workers will run the risk of being succeeded by artificial intelligence.

AI dystopia is not inevitable

Virtually everyone is aware of the possibility AI will leave millions of people jobless by turning over myriad sectors to machines.

Yet, the London-based research institute notes that artificial intelligence can play a role in bettering living conditions and boosting the economy. Others posit that with time, people can work collaboratively with AI, rather than being rendered unemployed by the technology.