Is Jack Latvala the Anti-Putnam?


On Saturday, Jack Latvala accepted the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, furthering his quest to become the next of Governor of Florida.

His chief opponent, Adam Putnam recently declared that he was “proud to be an NRA sellout.” Let that one sink in for a moment. We respect the NRA, but for a leading candidate for Governor to admit to being proud to be a sellout to anyone is utterly shameful, frightening really. These two developments truly show the biggest differences between these two men and their approach to governing.

Worse still though, is that Putnam may well be a sellout, but what else is he and what does he stand for? Putnam doesn’t seem to understand how to fight, even for the people he represents. Maybe it’s because he was brought up on the other side of the tracks in Bartow from the blue-collar neighborhood in which his chief opponent, Jack Latvala was raise. Perhaps Putnam is ineffective because life has been easy for him; like when he scored a twenty-fold increase in the value of his family property just before they sold it to a government agency? Worse than being the consummate insider, Mr Establishment goes along to get along on seemingly everything.  However, what we find as Putnam’s greatest fault is that he is just, well, soft.

To our point: Quickly, name one signature moment in Adam Putnam’s career where he led, fought for something or passed meaningful legislation? Or, an issue or a moment when Putnam has really ticked off a large group of people for taking a principled stand?  You can’t you see, because Adam Putnam is there to lead, but to get along and be nice, doing as little as he can so he doesn’t disrupt his calculated plans to win the next office. Sadly, Putnam has had a lifetime on the public payroll to give you that one thing to remember, but you can’t think of it because really, there is nothing to remember. How sad is that? Yet, Putnam wants to be Governor because we can only surmise, he thinks that it’s his turn, we just can’t tell you why and perhaps given he has spent millions already only to poll in the high 20’s, he can’t tell you why either.

Putnam went along with Congressional Leadership back when Denny Hastert (yeah, him, the guy Putnam said reminded him of people from Polk County) ran the show and voted to support a whole host of big-government programs that still haunt our budget makers today. Putnam did it because he’s a nice guy. Presumably, he was in leadership, and he didn’t want to buck the system. That’s how nice guys act in politics.  How nice of Putnam to spend our money like that, and vote to give himself a raise numerous times too. The questions posed to Florida’s voters is simple: Do you want a nice guy in charge or a demanding, tough, hard-headed one when he’s doing your bidding?

Latvala’s endorsement by the largest Police group in the state tells you that this tough son-of-a-gun has earned the respect of the people who protect us. Our police – the people that have earned our respect and men and women who generally don’t think much of politicians and who would instead just do their job than get credit for it. They sound a lot like an Old-School Republican running for Governor.