Manchin Confirms Opposition Against Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill


In fact, just earlier this week, Manchin confirmed that he will not be supporting Biden’s spending package in its current form.

Manchin’s latest public remarks on the president’s bill

While speaking with the media, the West Virginia senator explained that elements of Biden’s agenda disturb him. According to Manchin, he’s not on board with the United States getting reshaped into an “entitlement society.”

Instead, it is Manchin’s view that the nation should reward Americans who do well. Not long afterwards, the congressman then laid out his stipulations for voting on a spending bill from President Biden.

According to Manchin, the price tag of the legislation should not supersede $1.5 trillion. Likewise, the West Virginia senator maintains that Biden can choose one (not more) of the three reforms to put in his spending bill.

The options are as follows: paid medical leave for families, childcare subsidies, and a child tax credit expansion. Right now, Biden and his progressive acolytes want all three reforms included in the spending bill.