Michael Avenatti Alleges Existence of Additional Trump Mistresses


The attorney moreover claims that payments made to the alleged, unnamed women are similar to the $130,000 which Stormy Daniels recieved.

Allegations of Trump Infidelity

Since the inception of President Trump’s entry into the 2016 election, his various critics have come forth with information which some may view as damning. Shortly before Election Day 2016, the infamous Access Hollywood tape appeared in the press. After President Trump’s victory and defeat of Hillary Clinton, various alleged Trump mistresses also came forward.

While some Americans have criticized President Trump for the alleged extramarital affairs, other people have questioned the motivations of those coming forth. Certain Trump supporters even expressly stated that they do not care about the Stormy Daniels story or others like it. They elected Trump to run the country; they didn’t elect him because of his personal life, affirm a percentage of supporters.

The validity of Michael Avenatti’s latest assertions is currently unproven.