Most Americans Want the Filibuster to Block Biden’s Tax Hikes


52% of individuals polled stated that they favor the Senate filibuster’s use to halt changes to the current tax code. When President Biden addressed Congress on Wednesday night, he called for a staggering 12 tax code changes, nine of which would automatically increase tax rates.

The Monmouth University poll shows that increasing taxes is not supported by over half of the country. During a time when the U.S. economy is gradually bouncing back, most folks aren’t eager to fork over more money to the government.

The future of the Senate filibuster

Right now, the Senate filibuster is the final remaining defense line until the GOP gets back into the congressional majorities. Democrats are very much aware of this and therefore advocating to remove the filibuster; however, it’s not going anywhere.

Republicans remain firmly against the abolition of the Senate filibuster; moreover, so does Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. In a 50/50 Senate, Manchin’s vote is the saving grace. Despite the noise from the left, the votes to end the filibuster are just not there.