Murderer’s Confession Caught on Tape


Finally, as the grueling interrogation drew to a close, Avalon showed Scott a grisly picture of Michelle’s decayed body, which had been floating in the canal for . She asked him, “…is this what you did to her?”

“No, I didn’t do that.” He replied.

Upon cross-examination, Scott clarified that he did not want to look at the picture, saying, “no, I don’t mind looking at dead people, but no, not like that.”

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After Scott admitted to being ashamed of the murder, Defense Attorney Seth Miller asked, “That’s why you didn’t want to look at the picture and that’s why you gave that answer to Ms. Avalon; is that correct?”

As his two-hour long interrogation session came to a close, Jeremy Scott responded, “I killed her.”

Both sides have agreed to file written closing statements and will turn them in today. Leo Schofield, the model prisoner, the man who has maintained his innocence, now awaits Judge Abdoney’s decision.

Leo, true to form, chooses to remain positive.

“It’s a God story. This whole thing doesn’t happen without the prayer room. It’s not just about my freedom, but about deliverance for a tortured soul. Jeremy confessed because he wants to be free from guilt. One thing is unequivocally true – I am not guilty of any crime against Michelle. My belief is God has this in the hands of a very attentive judge that paid attention to the details. I’m trusting in God to help that judge make the right decision. If I get out I want to take the time to heal. I’m planning on doing that by staying close to my family. I am old now. I just want to be ok. I deserve freedom, Michelle deserves justice, and maybe in the end Jeremy can find peace for his tortured soul.” – Leo Schofield

Leo’s adopted daughter Ashley Schofield also remains positive, but desperately wants her father to be released.