New App For Rating People – Good or Bad?


Personal branding continues to be a hot topic amongst entrepreneurs. There is no shortage of self-help books and life coaches who will all claim to have the magic sauce to help you appear as a thought leader in your industry.

Competing against millions of personal brands to make yourself stand out from the crowd can be a daunting prospect. But, if you get it right, you can be rewarded by gaining trust from your audience and dramatically increase your reach in the process.

However, even when reaping the success of managing your online presence, you are likely to fall victim to imposter syndrome. Many people who are viewed as experts, ninjas or gurus from the online community frequently feel like they are merely faking it when staring at a screen alone in their home office.

Some might say that our professional networks littered with endorsements completed by friends and colleagues could be partly to blame. Step forward which is offering a unique way for entrepreneurs in business to master the dark art of personal branding. The platform is the first comprehensive profile system where an individual can brand themselves and obtain real peer reviews.

Anyone that has been endorsed for skills on the LinkedIn platform by someone they have never met will agree that the current professional review landscape is broken. Welcome to the age of reciprocal endorsements that are ultimately meaningless and seldom offer any value whatsoever.

Completed aims to solve this problem by taking a step back from self-curated content to seek the truth. A Completed profile attempts to show the real person behind the online persona. Constructive feedback is also encouraged to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of a user to improve personal growth.

The secret recipe to empower entrepreneurs and showcase their talents is genuine peer reviews. Maybe, rating our colleagues or co-workers work performance could even make a meritocratic society a reality rather than an idealistic pipe dream.

“More and more of people’s decisions to do business with you as an investor, client, partner, vendor, etc. is coming from online data about you and reputation is an essential part of that,” Said, Michael Zammuto, CEO of Completed.

Zammuto also highlighted recent trends where everything from shared workspaces, cloud services, online business registration, angel funding platforms, and incubators have all helped lower the bar for startups. is becoming an important part of that trend.

In a digital age where the authentic voice is becoming the loudest, we are beginning to see through cooperative self-branding and self-curated profiles that merely reflect biased opinions.

The platform is also making most of 2017’s other big trends by applying analytics to big data using machine learning to obtain real performance data on people. The goal is to identify the manipulations and biases in the user generated content and account for them.

Completed already uses machine learning to track, calculate and ensure the quality of reviews and your reputation on the platform. Could this multi-layered approach to identifying the reliability and quality of user inputs help authentic voices lead the way, rather than the loudest?

“Actively encouraging and cultivating constructive feedback will help you to learn and make the adjustments you need to perform and build a strong online reputation” – Michael Zammuto, CEO of Completed.

Zammuto has his sights set on delivering a fully interactive experience. Soon, he also expects the professional platform to learn the best questions that it needs to ask a reviewer to get to the heart of an individual’s performance.

Although it might sound like the Minority Report here in 2017, Zammuto believes that eventually, everyone who makes decisions about you will use AI and predictive analytics to determine who they should invest in or do business with.

Zammuto has a point when he says Yelp doesn’t identify employees, LinkedIn doesn’t identify weakness, one-off professional reviews sites, like, omit most industries, and professional complaint boards, like, are not trusted.

Looking across the digital landscape, we can see what is broken and in dire need of a 21st-century upgrade. But Completed, is aiming to solve one of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs have in business, which is how to brand themselves effectively.

As the digital society continues to evolve, maybe we can finally wave goodbye to fake endorsements, and follower counts. The team at Completed believe that genuine peer reviews hold the keys to empowering entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and authentic voice in front of the online community.