Operation Cross Country Sees Hundreds of Human Trafficking Victims Rescued


The work of Operation Cross Country later revealed some of the victims suffered trafficking at the hands of their own relatives. These rescues and arrests also took place following 391 operations during just two weeks this month.

According to the FBI, Operation Cross Country represents only a fraction of the agency’s work to crack down against human trafficking. To this day, many more victims remain in need of rescue.

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According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the agency remains committed to bringing human traffickers to justice and supporting victims.

Putting an end to human trafficking

When sizable percentages of the population bury their heads in the sand or otherwise ignore human trafficking, this emboldens predators. It also fails to help victims and survivors who are very much in need of support.

People who think they’re facing human trafficking or wish to report a situation they believe to be human trafficking can do so via the National Human Trafficking Hotline. This hotline is available for contact via text message at 233733 and via phone call at 1 (888) 373-7888.