Pennsylvania Boosts Efforts Against Illegal Gun Trafficking with New Alliance


The task force has arrested 1,439 gun traffickers and seized 2,438 illegal guns. This year alone, it recovered 80 guns, made 75 arrests and opened 328 investigations.

According to Shapiro, his office and law enforcement partners have more work to do to “combat gun violence and help make communities safer.”

“Gun violence is a public health and a public safety threat,” Shapiro said. “We’re working together as law enforcement partners to reduce those threat.

“Too many of our kids are being exposed to gun violence from the time they are toddlers. That trauma lives with them as they become adults, and that is a cycle we must stop.”

Robinson commented, “This joint initiative is a perfect example of ATF’s dedication to working with our state, local and federal partners in identifying, targeting and investigating violent criminals who prey upon innocent citizens and lessen the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

In addition, he said, “Our neighborhoods deserve to exist without fear and intimidation inflicted by all violent offenders.”