Poll: Democrats, Independents Bearish on Biden’s Economic Performance


The Axios/Ipsos reveals just 71% of Democrats and 42% of Independents are confident in Biden’s ability to ensure economic recovery. Earlier in 2021, Democrats’ confidence in the president rested at 86%; Independents maintained confidence levels of 51% earlier this year, too.

The implications of this latest survey

Democrats and Independents are key voter blocs for President Biden. These voters played a very huge role in Biden making it to the White House as president; however, he’s losing  their confidence and support.

The president has shown virtually no attention to seriously bettering the economy whatsoever. Cliff Young of the Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs declared Biden’s lack of focus on the economy is hurting him.

According to Young, Biden should be letting vaccinated Americans know where the endgame in COVID measures lies and how they can resume normal, pre-COVID life. Young furthermore warns Biden’s inability to do this and his rampant fixation on unvaccinated Americans is fostering “unease.”