POLL: US Voters Largely Dislike Biden’s Handling of the Southern Border


Just earlier this month, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was the target of House Republicans’ impeachment resolution.

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This resolution maintains the administration neglected federal statutes that mandate border management and prohibit lying to Congress. Nevertheless, in a Senate controlled by Democrats, the efforts to impeach Mayorkas are all but dead on arrival. 

Right now, Americans largely view immigration as a pressing issue that the country needs to face. It’s certainly one that Biden will find himself confronted with, regardless of whether he faces Haley or Trump in the general election.

In the meantime, only a mere 35% of US citizens approve of how the president’s handled immigration.

A series of red flags for Biden’s 2024 chances

The 46th president has taken hits in the polls not just for immigration, but also for his response to the war in Israel. Some Democrats and other left-wing voters believe Biden needs to take more action that they deem as favorable to Palestinians and Gazans.