President Trump on West Wing Officials: “I Don’t Trust Everybody.”


Weeks ago, the New York Times published an anti-Trump op-ed. An anonymous Trump administration official claimed to be behind the piece and furthermore admitted to working against the president for the sake of the country. This prompted Americans to speculate about the author of the piece.

Some people named Melania Trump, Jared Kushner, and Mike Pence. Other individuals suggested that a less well-known official may be behind the piece. Nevertheless, shortly after the publication of the op-ed, various West Wing officials came forth and denied writing it.

Following the opinion piece, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called upon the “cowardly” writer to reveal their identity and subsequently resign. President Trump stated that the New York Times ought to reveal the identity of the writer to the government in order to preserve national security.

The anonymous writer of the anti-Trump op-ed has yet to reveal themselves.